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We started a Patreon account in March 2022 as a way to further diversify our income. Patreon is a monthly tiered subscription service favored by creators and makers, each of whom decide how much each tier will cost and what patrons will receive if they subscribe. Our Patreon is Toad in the Hole Studio at Wayward Goose Farm and it combines Laurie's art making with the farm, most of which is Dan's realm. So for a monthly subscription fee ranging from $3 to $50, patrons receive downloadable art, original and exclusive video content, monthly newsletters, and inside access to both the farm and the studio. While we've only been at it for a few months and hope to grow our patron community, it's been an exciting way to interact and connect with people who have chosen to support us and what we do and that's been a source of much needed affirmation.

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