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Farm Consultation

Looking for advice on your micro dairy? Interested in learning about how to improve your soil health? New to rural living and need advice about firewood, small livestock, or how to raise a backyard flock of chickens? Dan offers on farm and email consultation farm mentorship. Having grown up as the fifth generation of his family's dairy farm, Dan has been an active, grass based, small scale dairy farmer for over 40 years.

He has extensive knowledge and experience with:

  • cow housing/bedding needs

  • cow handling

  • selecting individual animals with respect to: health, longevity, purpose, desired traits (dairy, beef, or dual purpose), calving ease, etc.

  • heat detection and breeding

  • calf rearing and feeding including how to share a cow's milk while she raises her own calf

  • basic care including:

    • taking animal's temperature

    • hoof trimming

    • administering vaccines

    • dehorning (or not)

    • parasite control

    • pain management

    • trouble shooting health issues, etc.

    • also, when to call a veterinarian!

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Wayward Goose Barn Board-2.png
Wayward Goose Barn Board-2.png

"In my 17 years of being a cheesemaker, I consider Dan Brooks the utmost expert when it comes to small-scale, regenerative dairy. He has a way to provide tips and advise in a way that isn't so black and white.  His wisdom and knowledge of cows and small scale dairy come from his years of experience, so it will usually include a story from his past or something he has been researching.  Dan's gentle hand with the cows comes from knowing them so well and working with them all of his life.  I will forever be grateful for Dan's guidance and support over the years and believe that anyone who is looking to start a micro dairy or improve their farming systems should have Dan in their corner."

- Kate Turcotte
Creamery Manager, Vonn Trapp Farmstead

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Whether you are seeking an over the phone or email consultation or are looking for a long term small farm mentor, Dan has the experience that can help. Call or email for rates or to learn more. 

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Dan offers private farm consultation as well as farmer mentorship through NOFA Vermont's Journeyman Farm Program.  

"Dan is the farm mentor you've always wanted -- a gracious and non-judgmental listener who is easy to talk to and has a good sense of humor about things. In talking to him it is very clear that he cares about cows and he cares about people. He offers a unique perspective; bringing together a lifetime of dairy farming experience plus generational knowledge with a progressive, forward-thinking mindset. 

My partner and I built our small dairy & cheesemaking operation with lots of help and guidance from Dan. Before buying our Adirondack farm we asked Dan to come walk the property with us and discuss our dairy farm ideas. He advised on how many cows we could pasture on the sandy, steep landscape and gave his opinion on the condition of the long dormant pastures. With his vote of confidence we went ahead with the purchase of the farm and used his numbers in our business plan. Once the farm was purchased, Dan helped us design animal housing and a milking set-up that prioritized cow comfort, ease, and flow. Ten years into our successful artisan cheese business, that set-up is still serving us very well. "

- Margot Brooks
Owners and Operator, Sugar House Creamery

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