Modern wisdom says food production must occur on an industrial scale in order to feed the planet. We don't believe that. Not so long ago, many small dairy farms across the country produced all the milk we needed. As with everything else, the idea that bigger was better soon became the norm, at great expense to the land, the water, the air and, especially, the animals. Mega dairies with hundreds and thousands of cows mean animals who spend their entire lives inside barns, never setting foot outside and never able to graze in grassy pastures, the thing which they've evolved to do, the very essence of cow-ness. There is a better way.  

While we realize that it is not realistic to expect factory farms to disappear, or that just selling raw milk from a 30 cow grass based dairy will solve all the world's problems, we also know that many people do want better food options. And although we are confident that we will never, ever become wealthy (or even comfortable) in this life we've chosen, we also know that what we do is important. Producing a pure, natural food product overflowing with goodness and vitality, in tandem with the land we care for, is soul enriching. Educating consumers about the impact of their food choices and teaching by example are part of the whole picture. Providing people with a chance to actually see where and how their food is produced, to see that there is an alternative, to know that their support of small farms is a victory against industrial food and, thus, perhaps a path to change is something we are very proud to be part of. 

We're a tiny little piece of this giant planet, itself a speck of dust in the enormity of the galaxy, and on and on and on. But we take our roles as stewards of this tiny little piece very seriously. So should you.